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What is Whole Spectrum CBD?

It's about the extraction process.

All previous methods of extracting CBD from the hemp plant have significant disadvantages, from damaging the cannabinoids, to being slow and inefficient, to using harmful chemicals. The revolutionary Cellular Deconstruction™ Technology (CDT) directly addresses these shortcomings.  The Cellular Deconstruction™ Technology (CDT) process gently opens the walls of cells, providing access to intact and valuable molecules which are collected and refined. This natural process takes plant-based extracts to a new level, allowing us to achieve greater purity and potency than other processes. We do not use cold or hot pressing, we do not use CO2, we do not use ethanol or petrochemicals. By gaining full access to the inside of plant cells, our CDT approach captures CBD and all ancillary cannabinoids—in total. The "Whole Spectrum".

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